Cephalexin No Rx

Cephalexin No Rx

The beach may be a bit cold these days and the trees are just starting their fall show so what to do on these gorgeous Michigan, end of summer days?  Aside from a million other outdoor choices …there is golf.  Can you tell it isn’t my sport?  But it is the sport of choice for the countless, visor clad folk who frequent the 800+ public courses Michigan has to offer.  Michigan is named by Golf Digest “the 12th best golf destination in the world”.  Do I sound like a Pure Michigan commercial?

One of those beauties is right outside our fair city… Eagle Crest Resort bills itself as one of the finest resorts in SE Michigan.  I don’t know what the watermark is on that claim, but you start throwing the word ‘resort’ around and my expectations start including spa appointments and cabana boys serving decadent drinks. Eagle Crest may not have a spa, but they do offer a newly renovated Marriot hotel and some beautiful views of Ford Lake along the golf course.  The conference and banquet facilities are enormous and can accommodate events from a small conference room meeting to a My Greek Wedding or Convention and you can’t beat the location outside Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor.

The man of my life agreed to do a little scouting for me as golf is his latest obsession. I’m not sure how he played, but there was a mumbled comment about ‘It would have helped if I had had my bathing suit’.  That says a lot more about his golf game than the course.  Turns out, Eagle Crest has a lot more in the bag than just your average, local course.  Golf Digest has awarded it a “4 star” out of 5 rating four years running now.  All of the comments on the Golf Digest website are positive and the gorgeous setting is intriguing as fall rolls up on us.  Might be a little cold for the beach, but if you golf like the people I know you may still want to bring your suit …now I just need to find the equivalent of the cabana boy.

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