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Mix | new and used | Ypsilanti MI is one of those stores that you wander into without knowing what you really want or need …and you walk out with the coolest something!

A little Audrey Hepburn perhaps?

Located in the historic Hewitt building you immediately feel the place has energy.  Leslie Leland and Bonnie Penet opened in December of 2009 after years of running individual and sometimes collaborating businesses and projects.  These two women are not hanging out at the coffee covey gossiping.  Between creating their own art, DDA work, doulaing (not a word, but it should be) and scavenging for the next ‘find’, I was lucky enough to catch them both in the store at the same time.

The current economy has spurred not only a resurgence in resale shops, but also a maturing of the industry.  According to NARTS a Professional Resale Association the industry is growing at 7% annually which translates to over 30,000 stores nationwide.  Although the old style resale shop has its charm, the newer shops are more upscale boutique than dark and dusty.

Beautiful new and used choices

Mix is no exception.  Artful displays of house wares, toys, art and woman’s fashion make an easy catch of the sidewalk shopper.  Everything in the store has the feel of being hand-picked.  No bulk buying here.

Part of Mix’s slogan includes “uncommon artful objects” whether new or re-issued there was plenty to pick-up, peruse, open and if it weren’t for my 8 month big belly …try on.  Mix has something for everyone looking for a cool piece for themselves or a unique gift. Originally, Leslie and Bonnie opened with the intent of selling mostly reused, refurbished and one of a kind art pieces stretching from clothes to furniture to kitsch.

What has changed in a year of business?  Definately more clothes on the racks with an eye for creative pieces, but they have also added a selection of new clothing lines.  But just like their used pieces, the new items have to have special appeal and they don’t stock 15 of them …so as I learned, grab it the first time you see it.

As the holiday season begins to descend (yes, it is November), Mix should be one of the first stops on your list.  Your friends and family will be delighted with your finds and shopping becomes such a bore when you have to hit the mall.

Mix is a treasure trove of visual candy and usable items that have been loving created or chosen for you.  It is the kind of store that you leave smiling and can’t wait for the day that your present is opened and can be shared.

Popularity: 90% [?]

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