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The bee population may be going through some crazy times out in the real world, but at Matthaei Botanical Gardens the times are phat, baby, phat!  I had the wide angle on the camera and as my lens came within touching distance of a flower I realized I was way outnumbered if one of the buzzing multitude decided to pick a fight with me.  Beep…beep…beep as I backed out of their territory and switched to a longer lens.  Peace my little friends.

Matthaei can be gorgeous anytime of year just ask about their year round schedule of weddings on the grounds or in the conservatory …but we weren’t scouting for wedding sites last week …just hanging out.  Whether you are good with your latin names for flowers or just want to read a book on a bench surrounded by someone else’s hard work the gardens can entertain.  They have the children’s garden in its first full year of being open with different games and hands-on stations.  Or the vegetable gardens where you can see what your zucchini plants should really look like …if I would just remember to water them.  Matthaei even offers visitors the opportunity to pick and sample the ripening strawberries.  The sign said we could!  Last winter they offered yoga classes in the auditorium and if you are curious about solar energy the MiSo house (Michigan Solar House) is a cool tour of what could be your future renewable energy abode.

Wander farther afield and find the Woodland Wildflower Garden, the Matteson barns and farmhouse or skip along the various river paths.  As is typical in beautiful places I was daydreaming about it being my home.  Wouldn’t the visitor’s center make a great mid-century house?  …I could live in the MiSo house in a NY minute.  If you have been meaning to go, just go.  It is in full bloom right now and absolutely gorgeous.

The gardens are available for walking from sunrise to sunset and the Display Garden is easily accessible from the newly improved parking lot.  Check the hours for visiting the conservatory, MiSo house and garden shop.

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